The Wild Vegetable Lunch

Bursting with health

Above: Ready to serve Banana stew, pumpkin stew, ugali of millet, sorghum and casava flour and the wild veggies. Copyright Rupi Mangat

Published: The East African Nation magazine June 2020

When my house-help collected a bunch of leaves to cook l was curious. But it was her lunch, not mine. Mine was the more regular fare… carrots, cabbage, lettuce, lentils, peppers and all …stuff bought from the amazing ‘mama mboga’ who appear at the gate laden with baskets brimming with vegetables, walking up and down the neighbourhoods, ever wary of the city council officials pouncing on them for a kick-back.

So when l asked to be included in the lunch of ‘kienyeji’ (local) vegetables, she was a little sceptical. Would l like the taste? They could be bitter. In her eyes, l was maybe not made of tough mettle.

I said ‘we’d try’. Nothing to lose.

She said ok.

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