Q&A with Shivani Bhalla, founder of Ewaso Lions

Above: Shivani Bhalla with her dogs. who are part of Ewaso Lions team Kura (means vote in Swahili as he showed up on elections day). The brown dog is Nanyori which means Green in Samburu because of her eyes. Picture by Jacques van der Westhuizen

Shivani Bhalla started following lions in northern Kenya in 2003 because she realized that no one knew anything about the lions there and that lions in Kenya are in trouble. Since then she’s founded the amazing Ewaso Lions that’s got the local Samburu warriors, women and children involved.

Shivani has been recognised for her enterprising zeal for the big cats at a time when people did not realize that lions numbers were decreasing fast across Africa.

Reality check: in 2008, l wrote in an article on Shivani: “It is a matter of concern that in only two decades, Africa’s lion population has dwindled from 200,000 to 20,000 today.”

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