Q&A with Camille Wekesa… painting African landscapes

Above: Majestic Baobab in tempera-and-pearl luster on gesso panel by Camille Wekesa

Camille held a paint brush as a child and grew up with a palette full of colours to paint the world. But her real inspiration has been the natural landscapes of Africa. Today, the beautiful artist has made a name for herself on painting murals in her signature style.

Do you paint every day and how many hours?

Yes, I like the routine of waking up early and after a walk along the river at my home and checking my emails I will go on site or into my lovely studio for 7 to 8 hours a day. I like the routine and discipline of a normal working day. It’s also important to hone your skills as a painter with daily practice.

Camille Wekesa with her landscape paintings of Lake Turkana, the Jade sea
  • What inspires you to pick up the brush?

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