Lion Lineages of Nairobi National Park

An Update on the Capital’s Wild Cats

Above: Morana and her three cubs from the Kingfisher group facing Nairobi city. Copyright Olga Ercolano

Published: The East African Nation media 22 – 28 August 2020

Cats are solitary by nature except for the lion. It’s the only social cat that lives in close-knit groups and those of Nairobi National Park are no exception. For more than a decade, this iconic cat has held a group of people spell bound with their family affairs and a recent presentation by Patricia Heather-Hayes of Friends of Nairobi National Park brings to light their current status.

For starters, the population as of 2020 is 23 adult lions and 10 cubs. That’s the average number for the 117 square-km park that’s unique as the only wildlife haven in a capital city with free-ranging wildlife like wildebeest, leopards and rhinos including the reptiles, birds, insects, amphibians without forgetting the plant life. Its southern side is unfenced which allows for the wildlife to move in and out of the park.

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