Big Birding Day in Nairobi National Park

In less than 12 hours 211 species listed, making this park a global birding destination

Above; Mighty raptor – the Crowned Eagle in Nairobi National Park
Copyright Maya Mangat

Published: The East African Nation media 20-26 June 2020

At 6 a.m. we’re at the main gate leading into Nairobi National Park, in Langata. It’s 4th June (a day before World Environment Day) and in the Covid-bound days our escape from the urban city is to the park for the Big Birding Day, a fun day to record as many species of birds as can be found in a day, after the huge success of the e-Bird Global big day.

The idea is Brian Finch’s, author ofEast African Bird Sounds,  that features the Birds of
East Africa App with an extraordinary recording of birdsong of more than 1350 species of birds in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi). He’s a regular contributor to Swara published by the East African Wild Life Society, the voice of conservation in East Africa.

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